YL Senioreiden ja Junioreiden LK ja Junioreiden HF

Seniorit, naiset LK - Short Program

Panel of Officials

RefereeMs. Merja KOSONEN  
Technical ControllerMs. Leena LAAKSONEN FIN
Technical SpecialistMs. Peppi LARJAMO FIN
Assistant Technical SpecialistMs. Sari HAKOLA FIN
Judge No.1Ms. Leena KURRIFIN
Judge No.2Ms. Marjo PESONEN 
Judge No.3Ms. Marianne NYMANFIN
Judge No.4Ms. Oksana VUORELAFIN
Judge No.5Ms. Pernilla BÍHLINGFIN
Judge No.6Ms. Merja KOSONEN 
Data OperatorMs. Jenna HELLGREN FIN
Replay OperatorMs. Veera KOSKINEN FIN

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